Fantasy, Fiction and Horror
Collins American Dictionary
Some of the names and places in these stories are invented and, probably, cannot be found in the dictionary.
The House that Creaked
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In need of renovation.
2,240 words
Funny Honey
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Lighting up the world.
2,280 words
Cannibal Crypt
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The last of the troglodytes.
3,100 words
Smugglers' Gold
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Hidden treasure hoard and ancient murder.
1,280 words
Sister in Pink Rhinestones
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Getting to know the bossy older sister.
2,540 words
Tantrum Tower
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The cure for petulance.
1,400 words
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Touching the minds of others.
1,740 words
The Forgetting Flower
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Some things are better not forgotten.
1,480 words
Floating in the Clouds
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Travelling to eternity.
610 words
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Too late to save the planet, Mr Brendan.
1,470 words

Short Stories for older, and not quite so old, children

Hot Chocolate

Never trust a four-year-old's grasp of arithmetic

1,860 words

The Ghosts of the Greasy Spoon


Haunted junk food

1,000 words

Twillington's Tip


Where rubbish goes

1,420 words

Abbess Honoria


Honour the past, or pay the price

1,660 words

Custard Doughnuts


Confectionary and stone carving

750 words



Rodent with the ultimate weapon in its paws

1,200 words

Sammy's Sandwich   


    Strange snacks for a strange friend

670 words

Zalda Zax and the Cyberpod


Flight of fancy into a different dimension

2,880 words

The Jugle Egg


How to hatch a new Universe

1,080 words

Tigger, Treacle, and Coke


Friendship knows no boundaries

  900 words