Zeus - Greek   Jupiter - Roman

Principal God, Deity of Sky and Weather

   Son of Cronus and Rhea. Husband of Hera. Brother to Hades and Poseidon.
As supreme god, Zeus dealt severely with any friction or challenge to his authority by deities and mortals alike.
Later his character mellowed as Greek society became more civilised and moral.
His popularity never waned like some major gods of other mythologies, and the only forces that were more powerful were the nebulous gods and goddesses of Creation.
Despite his power and judgement, Zeus had a compromisingly human nature and was not beyond changing his shape to pursue numerous mortal women and punish the presumption of mortal men.
He was the father of countless children, mortal and immortal, who became a rich source of legends. The offspring of Zeus (and Jupiter) included the gods and goddesses Apollo, Athene, Artemis, and semi-mortals Argos, Perseus, Dionysus, Pollux, Helen and Hercules.
Zeus assumed the form of many animals in his nefarious enterprises, though was usually depicted as a strong man with curling hair and a beard.

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