Woden, also Odin or Wotan - Norse and Teutonic

Principal God

    The forth day of the week, Wednesday, is named after him.
Woden was an all powerful god endowed with wisdom from the fountain of Minir, a water divinity, for which he had to surrender one of his eyes.
He knew the science of the runes, casting them to make powerful charms and spells.
Woden was the leader of the Valkyries, female warriors who carried the souls of those fallen in battle to Valhalla, the reward for dead heroes.
Woden kept two ravens that flew far and wide to bring him news of what was going on. His steed Sleipnir, an eight legged horse, was able to carry its rider through the sky and over water.
Unlike many cultures, the Norsemen and Teutons believed that their gods eventually grew old. Woden tried to protect himself against the ravages of time, yet was often depicted as an old man.
Eventually Thor, Frigga, Loki, Woden, and all the other gods in Valhalla met their doom in the Twilight of the gods. Woden was the first to die, savaged by the monster wolf, Fenrir.

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