Osiris - Egyptian

God of Renewed Life

   First son of Geb and Nut, god of the Earth and goddess of the Sky, and husband of Isis.
Osiris took his teachings to many other countries after civilising Egypt. Upon his return he fell victim to a plot by Seth, his brother. Seth had a coffin which he jokingly suggested his brother should try for size. Once Osiris was inside it, the coffin was sealed by his evil brother and thrown into the Nile.
Isis retrieved the body of her husband, but Seth stole it and, worried that his brother could still be a threat, he cut the corpse into fourteen pieces, scattering them about the land. Isis searched for the remains of Osiris and, with the aid of Anubis, joined them together, reviving it sufficiently to conceive Horus before they mummified the body.
Osiris ruled over the Court of the Dead and his effigy in mummy wrappings is a symbol of resurrection.
It was before Osiris that the dead had to declare themselves free of imperfection before they could enter into his enlightened state.

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