Ra, Re

Ra or Re - Egyptian

God of the sun

   Ra was born from the egg made by primeval matter and sprang into existence as the Sun. In another myth the Sun was believed to have risen from a lotus flower floating on the waters that predated life. Ra was sometimes shown as a child in its petals.
In later mythology he became Ra-Harakhte, a fusion with Horus, son of lsis and Osiris, who was also represented with the head of a falcon.
Ra assumed several names as his barque carried the Sun across the sky. When rising he was called Khepri, at his full height, Ra, and when he set, Atum.
On the Sun’s journey he overcame a serpent called Apep, which laid in wait for him in the Nile. When the sun set, Ra took his barque through the underworld to battle many more monsters and demons.
Ra and Atum were also represented as an eye and in the uraeus serpent worn on the crowns of Egyptian royalty denoting the power of rule. Ra once hurled this eye at the human race, all but exterminating it after it had been plotting against him.
Like his name, which varied, Ra could assume many shapes, including the Bennu Bird or the Phoenix, though he is most commonly depicted as a man with a falcon’s head wearing the disc of the Sun.
The worship of the Sun was turned into one of the first major monotheistic religions by Akhenaton. But veneration of the Aton, or Aten, was suppressed after his death and Amarna, his great city, was left to the desert, and the cult of the god Amon restored.

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