Pegasus - Greek

Fabulous winged horse

   Pegasus was believed to be either a result of a union between Poseidon and the Medusa or sprang from the blood of the Medusa after Perseus had cut off her head.
Pegasus stamped on the ground of Mount Helicon and produced two springs, Aganippe and Hippocrene. Their waters were able to bestow poetical and musical inspiration and were the frequent haunts of the Muses.
Bellerophon, a youth fathered by Poseidon, was able to tame and ride Pegasus with a bridle given to him by Athena.
After unwittingly arousing the displeasure of the King of Argos, Bellerophon was sent with Pegasus to undertake seemingly impossible tasks for the King of Lycia. These included slaying the monster Chimaera, fighting the Amazons and doing combat with the mightiest warriors in Lycia.
After Bellerophon had accomplished all these, he tried to ride Pegasus to mount Olympus, only to have the winged horse hurl him back to Earth.

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