Nemesis - Greek  Also known as Adrasteia the Inevitable

Goddess of fate and retribution

    Daughter of Night and Erebus, abstract deities existing between Earth and Hades, or the daughter of Oceanus.
Nemesis is the divine representation of Fate paying back those who are taking too much from life or others who are moderate in their ways.
Nemesis was the goddess who had to be placated if a person knew they deserved punishment or that they were having more than their fair share of luck.
Polycrates, tyrant of Samos, cast a valuable ring into the sea to placate Nemesis for his good fortune. The ring was returned to him in the stomach of a fish, and from then on his luck rapidly came to an end.
The nature of Nemesis could be hard; she often rejected the offerings of those wishing to escape judgement and her severe persona was very popular with soldiers.
Nemesis holds a finger to her lips to warn humans against attracting her attention to their clamouring below.

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