Janus - Roman

God of doorways and gates

    Originally a god of the Sun, he was purely a Roman deity.
January is taken from his name.
Unlike the Chinese Door Guardians, the Men-Shen, Janus’s influence reaches out over thresholds, harbours, departures and arrivals. His influence was so extensive, the Romans attributed him with different origins. The principal one said that he was born out of the Chaos that existed before life, and the opposing forces which moulded him gave him two faces to represent this. In that form Janus became a creator god and one of the principal deities, even matching the influence of Jupiter.
Janus is a god of firsts, and the first god. The first festival of the year was in his honour and he was the inventor of many things.
Janus is chiefly remembered for his guardianship of doorways and gateways. His opposing faces watch both the back and front of houses and also appear on Roman coins. His symbols are a key and staff, and the doors of his temple in Rome were opened during war and closed when the city was at peace.

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