Isis - Egyptian

Goddess of the Earth, Moon and birth.

    Wife of Osiris, the god of renewed life.
Isis was a principal deity throughout Egyptian mythology and adopted by the Greeks for representing many qualities in their own goddesses. She was also a teacher of spinning, weaving, healing, and many other arts.
When the chief god, Ra, became old lsis tricked him into telling her his secret name through which he held his power. She fashioned a snake which bit the ageing Ra so badly none of the gods were able to help him. Knowing the nature of the venom, Isis offered to cure him in return for the knowledge of his secret name.
Despite this, lsis was principally worshipped as a mother goddess and, with her sister Nephthys, their outstretched wings encompassed and protected the dead inside their coffin lids and tombs.
There are many stories relating to lsis, Osiris, and Horus their son, who formed a powerful trinity in Egyptian religion and art.
After Osiris was murdered by Seth, their evil brother, and his dismembered remains scattered, Isis gathered them up and with many spells, the help of Anubis, Nephthys and Thoth, restored Osiris sufficiently for him to father Horus.
Isis is sometimes depicted with a cow’s head, though the cow was also strongly identified with another goddess, Hathor. More usually Isis is shown wearing a disc set between cow horns or two feathers and often represented seated, holding the infant Horus.

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