Anubis - Egyptian  Hermanubis - Greek

Conductor of souls and god of embalming.

Son of Nephthys, who abandoned him. Her sister, Isis, adopted Anubis.
Osiris, husband of Isis, was murdered by their brother Seth, so Anubis initiated the funeral rites for the god and embalmed his body.
Anubis escorted the souls of the dead into Ameniti, the Egyptian underworld presided over by Osiris.
After Judgement was passed on the souls, Anubis weighed the hearts of the dead and this was recorded by Thoth, god of the moon, wisdom and learning, usually depicted with the head of a sacred ibis. If the weight of the heart fell short, the soul was devoured by the Ammit or Amenait, the Devourer, part crocodile with the limbs of other beasts.
Anubis is usually depicted as a man with the head of a jackal or dog, or represented as a black jackal or dog with a bushy tail. He is mainly seen at the court of Osiris, weighing the hearts of the dead, often against the figure or ostrich feather of Mayet, the goddess of truth and justice.
The Greeks identified Anubis with their own Hermes, messenger to the gods and guide for the living and dead. They adopted Anubis into their gods' pantheon where he became Hermanubis.